37.2 Paris - Hermès is fun - Augustin
Hermès is fun - Augustin
37.2 Paris - Hermès is fun - Laia
Hermès is fun - Laia
37.2 Paris - Hermès is fun - Brahim
Hermès is fun - Brahim
37.2 Paris - Hermès is fun - Topsy
Hermès is fun - Topsy
37.2 Paris - DABREAK
Dabreak - Music video
37.2 Paris - Man about town
Man about town
37.2 Paris - Sentimental 2 - Barrracuda
Sentimental 2 - Barrracuda
37.2 Paris - Karl Lagerfeld kids
Karl Lagerfeld kids
37.2 Paris - Missoni - Parfum pour homme
Missoni - Parfum pour homme


With a CFT Gobelins training background, Romain Sellier won the Picto Prize in 2009 and exhibited at the iconic Hôtel de Sauroy in June, the following year.


Sellier laid the foundations of his style through portraiture technique, before focusing on fashion. Visual narrative is at the heart of his expression, inspired by the London aesthetic where he lived for four years. Romain’s work is driven by a strong purpose of devotion to his muses.


With strong cinematographic influences, Sellier has shot editorials for numerous global fashion publications from Metal to i-D, as well as commissioned work for Kenzo, Missoni or Bernstock Speirs.


In 2015, Romain created the magazine Sentimental, a biannual publication focused on contemporary photography.


Romain’s first book, Bandra Sentimental, was published in 2019 by Rive Gauche Éditions.