Elle, She, Her.
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Givenchy - Essentials
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Printemps - Un été à Paris
37.2 Paris - Troubled waters
Troubled waters


After finishing school, François Pragnère travelled the world for a year photographing people at random from fortuitous encounters mainly in the streets. Photography then became a way of communicating and connecting with others.


In 2013, François moved to Paris where he met different transgender women. He follows their journey and photographs them for many years, portraying different moments of their respective transitions.


Pragnère starts working closer to the fashion industry in 2015, collaborating with magazines such as Vogue, Interview and Replica, and working with fashion houses such as Maison Martin Margiela, Givenchy, Chloé and Dior amongst others.


His first book “Elle, She, Her”, a collaboration with ten transgender women, is published in January 2021 by Rive Gauche Éditions.

Photography and copy are blurred to narrate the complex relationship between transgender women, their bodies and their environment. The book is prefaced by Phia Ménard.