Alexis Armanet, Photographer

The Brood by David Cronenberg

"I'm a big fan of David Cronenberg's movies, especially his early work. Fear and horror is read on the character's faces, rather than the images. It's the guessing game that makes us feel unsettled. My favorite Cronenberg is The Brood, it plays on human flaws and is truly terrifying."

37.2 Paris - THE BROOD


Shelby Duncan, Photographer

The Craft by Andrew Fleming

"There are so many good movies for Halloween! This is the first one that came to my mind, a true 90s classic."

37.2 Paris - THE CRAFT


Antoine Henault, Photographer

Silence of the Lambs by Jonathan Demme

"It's the ultimate all-out horror for me. I also love Midsommar and The House That Jack Built."



Anna Daki, Photographer

The Witches of Eastwich by George Miller

"This was my absolute favourite movie when I was younger, I loved them all! I can't really do full scary so it's the perfect comedy horror for me."

37.2 Paris - WITCHES


Arthur Delloye, Photographer

Deliverance by John Boorman

"Without a doubt one of my favorite horror movies is Deliverance by John Boorman. It's such a cult film. The slow descent towards hell set in the middle of magnificent nature is so enjoyable. I love the music and the style of the film, it's completely imbued by its time."

37.2 Paris - DELIVERANCE


Thomas Desoutter, Creative at Publicis Luxe

Dance Of The Vampires by Roman Polanski

"This movie gave me nightmares all my childhood. Today I love it because of the baroque opera mood."



Julie Dubos, Artistic Director at Chanel

The Shining by Stanley Kubrick

"Just the most beautiful aesthetic."

37.2 Paris - SHINING


Noëlle Duperrier Simond, Art Buyer

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper

"This is my favorite and most unforgettable horror movie. I was way too young to see it (it was forbidden to the public for anyone under 16 years old in France) but one of my uncles managed to get an « illegal » copy thanks to a VTR shop dealer in Southern France. He was so proud to bring it home, the movie was blurred and shaky and I was actually terrified by it !".

37.2 Paris - MASSACRE


Nicolas Huet Greub, 37.2 Paris

Scream marathon by Wes Craven

"I'm not a big fan of horror movies but I love Scream. I love them all, especially the first to the fourth film. My favourite has to be the third one (Courteney Cox's bangs !). I also have Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis on my list and Remember Last summer (I had nightmares about the last scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar for a long time)."

37.2 Paris - SCREAM OK NHG