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37.2 is proud to announce the launch of Beirut, Maxime Meignen's first photography book.

Photographer Maxime Meignen traveled to Beirut two months after the two terrible explosions of August 4th, 2020, which in a few seconds transformed and disfigured the city. His poignant images, much louder than words, bear witness to the indescribable devastation.

Upon his return to France, we invited members of the Lebanese community to share texts describing their feelings and sentiment. These texts are intertwined with Maxime's black and white photographs, revealing the heartbreaking scars of these atomic deflagrations in the heart of neighborhoods. The sensitive eye of the photographer translates into images the horror when words are not able to tell.

Sales profits from the book will be donated to a NGO working towards rehabilitating the city of Beirut.

The book is now available to order via our e-shop.

Graphic design : Julie Dubos