37.2 Paris - Riverfront In Long Island City

Riverfront in Long Island City 

My studio is near there and I love to go for a run at the end of the day -- around sunset. it is magical. The view of Manhattan is perfect. It is such a well designed public space and garden. I definitely fall in love with New York when I run there. I get a lot of good ideas while running. Or at least I just feel a lot less stressed. And a lot more joy. 



37.2 Paris - CERVOS NYC copy.jpg


One of my favorite restaurants.  I always order the shrimp a la plancha and 50/50 martinis. I go here with friends all the time. We clap when food arrive because we are ridiculous and love food!



37.2 Paris - Union Square 2.jpeg

Union Square Farmer's Market

Beautiful produce and flowers. I get so much inspiration from seasonal produce. Being in a big brutal city, it is a feast of the country for my eyes. I love being able to sense the changing seasons reflected in what is available. I often make it a point to walk by on days there is a market, even if i don't need to buy anything. 



37.2 Paris - CAFE SABARSKI NYC.jpeg

Cafe Sabarksy

It's an austrian restaurant located in the Neue Gallery.  And my favorite date place with my boyfriend. It has beautiful dark wood interiors.  We usually come here for dinner after going to the Met Museum (just a few blocks away). They have the most amazing spatzle and goulash. There's a piano player during the weekends. For dessert we order the rum cake. Heaven!! 



37.2 Paris - High Line NYC 2.jpeg

The High Line

It's a public park build former elevated railroad tracks. It spans about one mile and a half in the Chelsea neighborhood. There are high rises right next to the park, and bustling streets below. It's a little oasis very much smack in the middle of the big city. What makes it fun is that the city and garden coexist together -- you don't escape into the garden, the garden snakes through the high rises while traffic runs below. You see the water in the distance. I love seeing it change with the seasons -- another beautifully designed public space. I notice how the gardeners time the different plantings and how the gardens completely change palette as the months go along.